The Life of Miracles

About Me

’My Life has become full of Miracles, and I do believe yours as well can be.’

’Together we can change the globe for a better place to live in.’


Thank you, dear Visitor for being here. I really hope I can help you achieve amazing results by visiting my homepage and you will achieve success in any area of your life.

I’m Agnes Novak-Kovacs from Budapest, Hungary, a woman with an open-heart, full of positive feelings. I’m a thinker, a dreamer, a former university teacher, a mother of 2 fantastic grown-up children and a happy wife.

My life changed in 2015 when I was given The Secret – the film version – by a friend of mine from Canada. Before that I had been down, mainly in financial and health issues.

I began to study the Law of Attraction very deeply.

Since 2015 I have attended several masterclasses given by fantastic inspirational teachers, read a lot, listened to meditations and hypnosis sessions and learnt a lot. I also worked a lot on changing my subconscious mind.

I have also studied the real meaning of abundance, success and well-being of people in different areas of their life.

By now my Life of Miracles has started. It’s absolutely full of real Miracles thanks to the inspiration and motivation of many incredible people all over the world.

Since then I’ve been living the LIFE worth living. I’ve been enjoying every single minute of IT.

IT’s like a game created for grown-ups. IT’s like a puzzle: you have to find each piece and find the correct place for each of them!

I must admit I enjoy playing in spite of the fact of my physical age! Why shouldn’t I? In my mind LIFE is too short not to love and enjoy every single minute of it.


It’s time to express my GRATITUDE to the great thinkers, coaches I’ve been following and learning from – for their activity and instructions given to me and to lots of people all over the world through different channels.

This website has been created as an expression of my GRATITUDE to all of them.

It’s an expression of my GRATITUDE for everything I received.

From now on I’d like to pass on as much as possible.

I believe in collective effectiveness so I’m sure that together we can change the globe for a better place to live on.

So my homepage has been created so that I could help you find your way to abundant and successful life in every area of it.

Believe me it’ll be an amazing journey with more and more MIRACLES you’ll be creating – for yourself and for others as well!

I wish you could also succeed in creating your own dream life!

Feel free to share your ideas or your own amazing stories or any MIRACLES to inspire others.

HARMONY with you,