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Become A Baby Magnet.

’Become A Baby Magnet’

’I woman is capable to do anything in her life: to have a baby and not to have one.’– as they say.

You Deserve To Become A Parent: Either A Mother, or A Father!

Becoming a Mother or Father generally is the most magical feeling in our life.

In my next book entitled ’Become A Baby Magnet!’ I’m dealing with the situation of fertility.

Why Is It Important To Speak About It?

It really is a huge problem as more and more couples face the problem of fertility. all over the world.

According to the WHO there are minimum 60 – 70 million couples, i.e. 10-15 % of couples – who face this problem at a certain degree. Ths statistic data might not be trusted as the topic being really intimate. The data also contains those couples who – after large difficulties – finally have their babies with the cooperation of doctors.

The problem affects about 8 – 12 % of couples. – according to the Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences medical jhournal.

The Tendency is that the number of infertile couples grows gradually all over the world.

Not Only Women Are Responsible For It.


Nowadays more and more is heard about the infertility of men.

’It might be surprising that in 60 % of the cases, it is the problem due to men, while only 40 % due to women.

So these days we can state that it depends on men whether the population will die out or survive.’

Factors Influencing Fertility.

There are many factors influencing fertility like your way of living, and even environmental factors.

Stress, smoking, the lack of regular exercise, obesity, unhealthy eating habits, or even air pollution!

Researchers of the Medical University of Boston demonstrated that those women who live within 160 m (0.1 mile) a main, busy road, have the possibility to face the problem of infertility with 11 % higher due to air pollition.

As time goes on in the life of an infertile couple, they feel larger and larger anxiety and stress which boosts the hormonal and psychic factors causing fertility. So the circle goes on…

Quates from The book ’Become A Baby Magnet!’

I absolutely believe that the magical effect of the Law of Attraction might also work in this area of our life if there is no real physical health issue in the background,

’Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’

Thomas Alva Edison

The aim of writing this book is to help people (future Mothers and Fathers) having this huge problem out – with a quite untraditional method.

Why not try to follow the guidelines I’ve covered for you?

The worst could be it doesn’t work. – I’m convinced that it will…!

But the other possibility (being the larger one) is that you’ll achive your fantastic goal and become a Mother or Father.

I believe that the Magic is going to happen, there is NO other alternative, just SUCCESS, even in this area of your life!

Is It Fiction Only? Might It Be The Real Solution?

Future will show us the evidence…

’Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’

Napoleon Hill

In this book I’ll be handing you the guidelines and the map towards SUCCESS in this area of your life!

Be brave and extraordinary enough to accept it.

I really think I can help you have Magic! As Magic really exists!

Harmony is within you,


Please feel free to add your thoughts or questions…

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