The Life of Miracles


’I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.’

Mother Teresa

There isn’t any high peak you can’t reach if you believe in yourself. Go on, don’t wait for anybody else, don’t wait for help from outside. Go on, act…



My mission is to inspire as many people as possible to find and create success for themselves in any area of their life and to create better everyday lives for them.

My aim is to help them find and create the real selves of themselves by awakening their mind and spirit to their greatness that is within them.

I maximally believe in collective effectiveness, so my aim is to spread awakening, enlightenment in partnering with lots of others as we can create a better life together faster and more effectively all over the world.


Global purposes:

Goal – In English:

To spread the power of harmony and take part in creating HARMONY in as many people’s life as possible so that more and more people could have a better everyday life.

Ways of achieving this goal:


Preparing a collection/a list of amazing and magical coaches, inspirational and motivational teachers who inspire their audiences to act and bear the responsibility of their own life and their own success and be able to create success. This list contains and will contain the Ambassadors of HARMONY.

Informing lots of people of these influential persons’ activity by links to their webpages. Spread awakening to as many people as possible through different channels in English.


Local purposes:


Short-term Goal.


To finish my book ’Become A Baby Magnet’ – in Hungarian and get it translated into English – so as to help women and men help become parents, so that they could feel the most Magical Wonder of Life.

Long-term goals.


My mission is to inspire and motivate Hungarians to make their life better and successful by spreading the New Age ideas around in my mother tongue to as many people as possible via different channels.


Create ’Harmony Island Spiritual, Educational and Healing Centre in Budapest.

It will help people improve in Spirit, in Mind and in Body so it will help them create a better and more abundant life.

Agnes Novak-Kovacs

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